The Songwriting Dilemma

Well, we got together last Thurs for our regular sesh… What ended up happening was an inventory of songs… So, we now have just under 40 songs under our belt. It was refreshing to give them all a listen, now that we had stepped away from them for awhile.

I decided it might be fun to put up clips of some of these tracks. I refer to a dilemma above because while listening to them, we also realized that we are all over the place musically… I remember someone once told me “Don’t write all these parts you can’t reproduce live.” While I agree with this to an extent, the thought of creating songs in a limited way bothers me. This is the catch of having the “whatever comes out comes out” motto. I’ll break down the songs below… Then please have a listen.

1. Borrowed Souls: Straight up acoustic song, Derek’s vocals soar in this one
2. Unaware: This song will become something else entirely for the album… Heavily influenced by sweeping northern landscapes music wise. May not do much percussion wise.
3. I have no idea (no title): I won’t lie… I’m a huge fan of Zero 7 – not a far stretch…
4. The Hill: Derek sampled a bass line of mine, and then mysteriously we both proclaimed “let’s do a Gnarls Barkleyish song.. Derek also took this one just shy of becoming a drum and bass song.
5. Minnows: The result of the purchase of a keyboard… Will be completely redone with a baby grand very soon! Had Dave Brubeck in mind on this one.
6. EZ: We wanted a campfire acoustic song… then beats got added and we got stuck lyrically, and musically. Won’t give up!
7. Stars Will Die: 100 percent will make it on the album. This one is all Derek. I recorded some organs, and some 8-bit arpeggios, came back to an epic dance track
8. Caved: More piano tests. I am not a pianist, but I can fake it sometimes. More along the lines of what we’re used to… a quiet ballad building into a huge crescendo.
9. Electric: all the guitar in this one so far is improv, so need to figure out some actual parts. Should be fun. Lyrics came from another track. I have a feeling the end product may not resemble the clip below…
10. Sleep on the Ground: There are about 70 versions of this track floating around. This one we loved, then hated, then loved, then hated… it loves us, it loves us not… Other versions have loud electric abrasive guitars. This one sounds like the theme to a video game
11. Torched: Again… a tough one. Previous version sounded too much like “Bizzare Love Triangle” to me, so discussions will be had…

Dilemma 2: Since it’s just the two of us right now, how the hell are we going to pull these off live!? Do we push on with limited performers in mind? Or continue adding parts to our hearts content. We are in recruitment phase right now. For another blog perhaps…

Anyway, here are the clips:




~ by derekandtodd on June 5, 2011.

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