They Say They Found Sharks in a Quebec River…

Well here it is, our journal’s namesake. This song started out as a small guitar piece with strings, that Derek reversed, and the result was the “death wave” of noise that happens at the beginning. Originally we had put in some really indie sounding drums, but later went with the more traditional sounding Pearl Export Series drum kit for beef, and one hell of a long sequencing session on my part.

I wanted to try to stay away from any sort of distortion on the guitar with this one. Not sure why, I think I just wanted the challenge of making a crazy guitar driven song, without laying on the fuzz. Just an acoustic guitar, with some light arpeggiated electric guitar over top. Derek is the brains behind the guitar effects on this one… like a gibson being played through a cathedral or something. Really cool.

Evening out the high end of the guitars is the severe bottom end bass from the MicroKorg…. At that point we didn’t have the luxury of a real bass, so I sat down at the keys and worked it out. We now have a bass guitar at our disposal, which helps, but I find the korg suits this one just fine.

I think the biggest challenge on this one was putting together the vocal harmonies from the middle to the end of the track. I am by no means a vocalist, and that made for alot of laughs, alternating the low and high parts.

Out of all the new ones we’re about to post, this one is probably the closest thing to “rock”, and it was alot of fun to record. Have a listen, and keep checking back for our newer tracks that hopefully will get the body moving.


– Todd


~ by derekandtodd on May 22, 2011.

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