How Super Plausible It Was…

So tonight, we got the final tracking done for this blog’s namesake song “Company of Sharks”.  Derek and I realized this song has been kicking around since 2009 and decided it’s about time it saw the light of day.  I have to agree with Derek, in that neither of us really knew where we’d end up with these tracks, only that there were two of us calling all the shots, and limited time with which to record them.  This is a challenge, no doubt about it, when you don’t have anyone breathing down your back with deadlines. 

We also realized tonight that the tracking for another song called “Stars Will Die” is done.  This one was a real challenge in that it was our first foray into 8 bit electronic bliss.  As such, we were probably more nitpicky than necessary for two “home musicians”, trying to create a CD.  But the other “rule” we’ve created for ourselves is that if we can change something for the better, we will.

There was a track called “Five” that we worked on tonight as well.   It has huge growling bass, sparse guitar, and some sweeping synths.  Set these to a high tempo breakbeat, and we’re in business.  Structure is an issue now, but Derek is on fire with loops, so it shouldn’t a big one.


I think I’m going to put up an oldie one of these days called “Borrowed Souls”.  It was a track on which we had added shakers and a banjo.  I had an older version however – Derek singing with an acoustic guitar- and I think it is the most fitting…  I can’t believe how low key the dude is about his voice.  He actually says things like “there’s too much of my voice here” while writing.  Not often do you meet a songwriter who enjoys the “space” in songs as much as the filler!  Anyway, Borrowed Souls really showcases his vox.

PS – Sia Furler will be at Osheaga this year.  You must see her.  See is incredible.

That is all.



~ by derekandtodd on May 3, 2011.

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