building the company

This band has really changed how I feel about writing music.

After chilling with Todd for a few acoustic jam sessions I felt that I could write anything with a bunch of simple chords! Seriously! Bringing the basic structure to Todd and watching the song take form was really quite amazing. Whether it be with keys, loops, guitars or drums, the songs became hooky poppy rocky electicky pro-style projects that led to more and more creative bursts down the track. We had the idea that we wouldn’t edit the creative process (whatever comes out comes out) and it resulted in a big bag full of finished and half-finished works. An eclectic mix of music including dubstep, indie, eastCAN, folky, moody noisy hip-hoppy and acousticy stylees were my strongest influences in 2008 and it is apparent to me in most of the ‘company of sharks’ lyrics. I mainly wrote about life-changing ideas, social issues, sex and the everyday experiences that I usually gloss over but that really needed to be dragged over with a fine-tooth comb.

Some bands I was listening to in 2008:

Miracle Fortress




Bon Iver

Crystal Castles

Lil Wayne

Bloc Party

Fleet Foxes


Sebastian Grainger


Besnard Lakes

…all over the flippin’ shop!




~ by derekandtodd on April 22, 2011.

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