All the Lights…

Back in the 1990’s Derek and I recorded a CD called “Mylifelikethis” with our band Understorey at a studio called “Disc & Dat”. Being teenagers we wrote about things like worthy causes, existential nonsense, and the back stairs at a local club called Barrymore’s where we lugged our gear repeatedly. Filled with typical 90’s teenage angst, I remember we had one particular article written about us where they called us “moody rockers”.

I suppose the track below is an example of the moodiness that sometimes comes out in our music. This track started out as an electronic one – Derek had created a soundscape of static, with electronic fragments sweeping around, topped by frantic vocals. It really was terrifying in a good way, and we got to work on it. After explaining some of what he was expressing with the lyrics (dysfunctional relationships) I envisioned a classic western gunfight for some reason, and voila, a guitar, a piano, and an organ later, we had this song.



~ by derekandtodd on April 9, 2011.

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