That Fifites Flava

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Hey y’all, over the holidays we had the idea to record some love songs from the golden fifties “Love Songs for Christmas”. The project was meant to be a little gift for our families and friends. Here’s one of the tracks we ended up with…a cover of ‘I’ve just seen a face’ by the Beatles. Enjoy!


movie music

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we haven’t posted for awhile…not for any real reason in particular. Songs are still flowing and we’ve been doing some regular jamming with Nilo (drums)…live set definitely becoming more of a real possibility this year..YA!

Here’s a little ditty we whipped up August 11th in my livingroom. Todd just sat down on the couch and started playing this song outta the blue. I recorded the vocals later that day. Todd finishes the track with some awesome soundtrack-esque synths…worship the epic!

Ye Olde Song Shoppe

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Store’s open foos, so if the spirit moves you, go on in via the link to the right.

Forever buildings up in a blink of an eye

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This dance track has been a year in the making.
I liked it..then hated it, then loved it, then hated it, then again loved it, and finally came to the decision that yes indeed I did like it and was ready to go back in for another final mix. Of course it didn’t hurt that Todd was stoked for it and really wanted it finalized once and for all.
The process began on a regular Thursday jam session when Todd started messing around on the microKorg with some angelic church organ sounds. I was immediately hooked on the melody, and my vocal line pretty much copies it. But it is hard to tell in the final mix as the guitars took precedence…mainly because they push the song much harder and drive it home with their drilling lead notes. The beats took way too long to make but it was well worth it in the end. I was able to beef up all the bass levels consistently without peaking…this was in the hopes of a possible vinyl release someday…yum.
The lyrical content covers apocalyptic themes, family importance, introspection, and the fight to end all fights…the usual meanderings of my brain.

Hope y’all enjoy it…

Randoms from the vid shoot…

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Good times! Thanks again Gus!

We Suck at Covers…

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I remember thinking this while rehearsing “The Bends” by Radiohead back in 1999 for a show at a local venue called Barrymore’s Music Hall.  I think it was mostly because of my lack of focus when it came to music, and my reluctance to get stuck with the “cover band” label.  We reheased and rehearsed, trying desperately to capture the same vibe as the original, while not paying proper respect to the fact that we had only one guitar at our disposal, and they had three available at any given moment.  I struggled and struggled to get Greenwood’s style down in the lead areas and failed miserably in the end.

Such was life in rehearsal at the time.  Hearing complex rhythm and lead progressions, and not being able to reproduce them live.  Covers were a disappointment to my bandmates and I every time.

That being said, when Derek brought up this competition involving a cover, I was again reluctant.  Along with our already busy schedule of writing our own songs, this was added to the plate.  It ended up being a great exercise in DIY.  We tracked the song in one day (4-5 hours) and shot the video below over one night and one afternoon.  Total budget for the project… ZERO DOLLARS.

Dollars aside, Derek and I were both surprised at how this one kinda came out of nowhere.  I sat down in a corner at his apartment with the microkorg, set the growling backdrop to the song in a couple of takes, laid down the guitar and bass, and then watched Derek lay down the vocals, drums and mix.  I wanted to keep this one really simple, with live reproduction in mind.  One guitar, one bass, some drums, some keys and some vocals.  No insane effects, no three minute solos or extensive breakdowns.  Just a simple beat, with some simple music. I think it paid off in the end, and would recommend to any budding songwriter to lay off all the bullshit trappings when you first start out.  Stick to the basics, and play what you know…

Et voila! Sundown – Gordon Lightfoot


Jacob Fergus Is The Best

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Very recently our good friend Jacob Fergus, a highly talented photographer and all around visual guru, decided to shoot a music video for us.  So over the last weekend we shot our first vid, with Jacob and Jamie Baird.  Very simple premise, set to a cover of a Gordon Lightfoot song.

I’m going to post the %^&* outta this vid when ready.


We hope you enjoy it as always.


Long live DIY.